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NetEase kicks off $650,000 championship for PUBG clone Rules of Survival

$150,000 for the overall winners at the finals in China
NetEase kicks off $650,000 championship for PUBG clone Rules of Survival

NetEase has kicked off a world championship for its recently launched mobile battle royale game Rules of Survival with a total prize pool of $650,000 up for grabs.

The initial stages of the championship will be separated by region, with tournaments in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. A prize pool of $60,000 will be available on each server, with the overall winners receiving $30,000.

The winning teams will then be invited to the final in China, where they will face off alongside nine Chinese teams. The overall winners will take home $150,000, with a total prize pool of $476,000 to be doled out throughout the tournament.

Battle it out

Registration for the Rules of Survival World Championship begins on December 20th and ends on December 27th. Only teams of four will be allowed to enter.

Rules of Survival has seen some success since launching on November 14th. It surpassed 15 million downloads earlier in December 2017 and launched an influencer campaign to draw in more players.

NetEase's other PUBG clone, Knives Out, has done even better for itself. It cleared 100 million downloads in its first month of beta, and received a full global launch on December 14th.