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NetEase’s Once Human opens up mobile pre-registrations after 13 million on PC

Once Human will be a "seamless" cross-play experience on PC and mobile
NetEase’s Once Human opens up mobile pre-registrations after 13 million on PC
  • Mobile pre-registrations are open for NetEase’s open-world game Once Human
  • 13 million pre-registrations have already taken place on PC
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Mobile pre-registrations are now open for NetEase’s Once Human, an open-world survival title inspired by all things supernatural.

A total of 13 million eager gamers have already registered on PC, with this version having been opened to pre-registrations first. Now, players can pre-register for the SCP-inspired title around the world on the Play Store and Apple’s App Store, too.

The mobile version of Once Human looks to provide players with a "gaming experience without the constraints of space", and those jumping in early will receive rewards like special furniture in-game, weapon skins, and the limited Dragon Fist Gloves.

Anticipating a seamless experience

Once Human’s closed beta on PC attracted over 200,000 players and 5.7 million hours of watchtime on Twitch. The full release will be a free-to-play "seamless" cross-platform experience, coming to PC and mobile, with an intuitive UI designed to make the mobile experience as effortless as possible.

It will give fans of PC and mobile the chance to immerse themselves in a mutated world ravaged by Stardust, with all manner of creatures and contraptions like a walking bus decked out with weaponry.

There will be PvE and PvP content to engage with as well as survival challenges, where players will compete for the most precious of resources.

The upcoming title follows NetEase’s Blood Strike, released in October 2023, which has now reached 30 million players. Blood Strike’s lead game designer Xie, who also worked on Knives Out, spoke with us about the importance of pacing within matches in order to stand out in a competitive market.