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NetEase’s PUBG-like Knives Out pulls in over $370 million

97 per cent of that figure comes from China and Japan
NetEase’s PUBG-like Knives Out pulls in over $370 million
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NetEase'sbattle royale game Knives Out has made over $370 million in revenue in just under a year.

According to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Knives Out has just enjoyed its most productive quarter concerning revenue.

The PUBG clone pulled in $135 million for Q3 2018, which ranks it 13th among all apps for performance.

The haul of revenue represents a 10 per cent increase on Q2 and a 71 per cent increase on Q1.

Edging out the competition

Sensor Tower also notes that a vast majority of the success of the title comes from the East, with China and Japan making up 97 per cent of total revenue.

Between the two countries, Japan made the more substantial contribution with $274 million - 74 per cent of global revenue. It should be noted, however, that China’s haul take doesn’t include Android revenue, which means the game may have made much more money.

Knives Out has been downloaded by more than 58 million players, with the majority of installs hailing from the App Store (64 per cent).

The report follows NetEase’s other PUBG-like game Rules of Survival bagging $75 million in revenue.