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Netflix rumoured to be considering a game subscription service

Expansion into non-linear content?
Netflix rumoured to be considering a game subscription service
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Netflix is considering a move into gaming, with an Apple Arcade-style service being rumoured. 

As reported by The Information, the streaming giant has been recruiting for a game's executive to lead its new initiative, while also speaking to several senior figures within the industry for advice.

Specifically, the firm has spoken about how to create a service similar to Apple Arcade, offering subscribers a bundle of games that they gain access to via a monthly payment with no ads.

Apple Arcade launched on September 19th, 2019 at $4.99 a month with over 70 exclusive titles.

As of May 2021, the service has close to 190 games, although it's not clear if it's been a commercial success.

"Excited to do more"

Subsequently, Netflix appears to have confirmed its intention to move into the digital media in a statement made to GameSpot:

"Our members value the variety and quality of our content. It’s why we’ve continually expanded our offering - from series to documentaries, film, local language originals and reality TV," a Netflix spokesperson told the outlet.

"Members also enjoy engaging more directly with stories they love - through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You v. Wild, or games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel and To All the Boys. So we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment."

If the rumours are true, as well as competing with Apple, Neflix will also be entering a crowded field including Google's Stadia and Amazon's Luna.


Next Games previously partnered with Netflix to launch a free-to-play story-driven puzzle adventure RPG based on Stranger Things. The game is currently slated for 2021.

Earlier this month, the streaming service revealed that the League of Legends animated series, Arcane, would arrive on the platform this fall.