Tapjoy VP Paul Bowen to reveal Android monetisation tricks in F2P Summit talk

Plus My Worst Mistake roundtable

Tapjoy VP Paul Bowen to reveal Android monetisation tricks in F2P Summit talk
Tapjoy VP of Europe Paul Bowen is signed up for the upcoming F2P Summit in London, with a presentation titled Making Money on Android: Numbers from the Field.

Bowen's talk will focus on teaching developers how to drive revenues through Android development, with a particular focus on his firm's successes, through case studies of the recipients of its $5 million dollar Android Fund.

Making money

"Android development is a red hot topic for the games industry: it recently overtook iOS and RIM for the number one position in market share among global mobile operating systems and 700,000 new Android-enabled devices are activated every day," said Andy Lane, event director of the F2P Summit.

"This session is an absolute must-attend for everyone involved in developing free-to-play games content."

A roundtable discussion will also be held at the event, titled My Worst Mistake, and headed by Edge's online editor, Alex Wiltshire.

He'll be joined by panelists including Relentless co-founder Andrew Eades and Papaya Mobile's Oscar Clark as they discuss the fortunate mistakes they have made in the past which inadvertently led to business success.

For more information of the F2P Summit, you can check out the event website.

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