Wormhole Games shrinks to a dot, CEO Jamil Moledina joins Google Play

Tank Nation dev

Wormhole Games shrinks to a dot, CEO Jamil Moledina joins Google Play

Demonstrating the fierce competition in the F2P mobile gaming market, US start-up Wormhole Games has announced it's shutting down.

Set up by ex-Funzio, EA and GDC veteran Jamil Moledina in late 2012, its debut release was Tank Nation, a Worms-style turn-based tactical shooter.

It was a game we considered favourably as part of our Monetizer column.

"We founded Wormhole Games as our contribution to innovation in free-to-play mobile games," Moledina wrote in a Facebook status update.

"I'm immensely proud that our team achieved this goal with the launch of Tank Nation. Unfortunately, given financial challenges, we've been winding down the company."


In terms of what will happen to the game, Moledina says it will be kept running for as long as possible, while most of the developer's staff are already in new jobs.

As for Moledina, he says he'll continue to "fight for innovation in games".

He adds, "[I] am happy to share that I've accepted a role at Google Play to help advance that agenda at the platform level. Let's see what we can do," he ends.

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