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Diary of a Promiscuous Gamer: One big arrival and a massive clear out

This guy will play anything as long as it's free
Diary of a Promiscuous Gamer: One big arrival and a massive clear out

As game executive Bing Gordon famously put it (about) in 2010, "This is the most promiscuous app audience in the history of mankind".

So this is the weekly diary of a promiscuous gamer, although over the past week, he's been stopped in his tracks by an addition to the family. (His promiscuity is only related to gaming.)

Still, it's a good opportunity for a clear-out.

1. Clash of Clans (Supercell)
Did nothing this week.

2. Epic Empire (Pocket Gems)
I'm now back to the situation of struggling to upgrade my character sufficiently to make it through the next series of battles. Frustrating.

3. Dark District (Kabam)
I'm enjoying the light touch of Dark District's single construction stack, which results in more, shorter sessions.

4. Angry Birds Go (Rovio)
No play this week.

5. Adventure Town (Supersolid)
Really getting into Adventure Town (below) and starting to understand its loops. Much more to come.

6. Fightback (Chillingo)
Not played this week. Will give it one more opportunity.

7. Dr. Newton: The Great Brain Adventure (Brainbow)
The only problem I have with this brain training game is that you have to really concentrate when playing it, which isn't a factor you require for most of the other games in my list. But it is a brain-training game, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

8. Brave Frontier (gumi)
Will I ever play this game?

9. Eternity Warriors 3 (Glu Mobile)
Nothing this week

Installed #1 Galaxy on Fire - Alliances Fishlabs
Not yet played.

Installed #2 RoboCop (Glu Mobile)
Not yet played.

Installed #3 Heroes of Honor (Nonstop Games)
Co-founded by the brother of Supercell's CEO, I've been looking forward to Singapore-based Nonstop's Heroes of Honor.

It's more hardcore than Clash of Clans, with a more browser game look in terms of its 2D flat graphics, plus a linear technology upgrade tree and tiled-based world map, which is where all the PVP happens. Looking forward to playing it more...

Uninstalled #1 Samurai Siege (Space Ape)
Last week's respite only proved to be a week long. It's been interesting to play a game like Samurai Siege alongside Clash of Clans, but I don't think there's much more to see so it's time to log off, especially given the way the game locks down advanced units and buildings to progress in the single player mode, which is something I've found a little restrictive.

Uninstalled #2 QuizUp (Plain Vanilla)
After a couple of weeks of no play, I think it's time to move on.

Uninstalled #3 Clumsy Ninja (NaturalMotion)
He's not a game so alas the Clumsy Ninja is uninstalled from my gaming pile.

Uninstalled #4 Heroes of Dragon Age (EA)
I've enjoyed my time with Heroes of Dragon Age, but as with so many F2P core games, the mid-game grind (10+ hours) is much too same-y; something the lifting of the characters' 2x attack percentage ceiling from 15 to 20 percent is not going to change. I should also point out I spent $5.98 in the game, so this was an accelerated grind.

Uninstalled #5 Colossatron (Halfbrick)
Much as I like the concept of a tactical action match-3 game, I didn't get into it deeply enough.

Uninstalled #6 Fast & Furious 6: The Game (Kabam)
I've been playing this game since it was released and this week I unlocked the fourth class (of six) gaining a beautiful orange 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. I think I can now call it quits.

Uninstalled #7 Tank Nation (Wormhole Games)
Have really enjoyed playing this game, which brings just enough skill into play to make it more interesting than the many automatic battle games. Now it's time to check out something else, though.

Uninstalled #8 Galaxy Factions (Coco)
Despite my many attempts to knuckle down, spend some cash, buy some heroes and properly play the campaign, it never quite happened.

Uninstalled #9 CSR Classics (NaturalMotion)
NaturalMotion's games always provide great education into the flow of monetisation, but in the end CSR Classics was too similar to CSR Racing to really catch my attention. (I'm no petrolhead).

Uninstalled #10 Snoopy's Candy Town (Beeline)
It's a nicely presented game but you just keep repeating the same actions over and over and over again. There seems to be very little progression in the gameplay.

Weekly recap
Installed: 3
Uninstalled: 10

In Play: 8
To Be Played: 3

Spending: $0
To-date 2014 'Life Time' Value: $3.99