Ambitious Spanish dev Codigames raises $1 million

Dungeon Legends and beyond

Date Type Companies involved Size
July 22nd, 2016 investment Caixa Capital Risk
Ambitious Spanish dev Codigames raises $1 million

Spanish mobile game developer Codigames has closed a $1 million funding round.

The investment was lead by Caixa Capital Risk, Faraday Venture Partners and various angels.

CEO Francisco Martínez said the money would enable the studio to continue to expand its portfolio of multiplayer mobile games.

"Our main goal is to keep pushing mobile social games to a new level, and consolidate the studio as a global project," he said.

"We have proved that players look for new game experience in their mobile devices, and we plan to continue working on that direction."

Next up

Codigames most recent release was Dungeon Legends, a dungeon crawler that was featured on the App Store in countries ranging from the US to China, Taiwan, Thailand and Brazil.

The company is now working on a new game, and expects to triple its $1 million of gross revenue in its next financial year.

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