FunPlus' King of Avalon surges to the summit of the US App Store top grossing charts

Aggressive marketing the key?

FunPlus' King of Avalon surges to the summit of the US App Store top grossing charts

FunPlus' strategy title King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare has topped the iPhone top grossing charts in the US for the first time.

The San Francisco and Beijing-based firm launched the game in partnership with King's Group Studio through its PublishingPlus program on July 14th.

But its impact wasn't immediate, failing to enter the top 50 grossing until September 30th, according to App Annie. In fact, on November 7th the title had dropped to as low as 1,422nd.

Out of nowhere

But by November 17th it had surged to the summit of the top grossing charts, remaining there until the 19th. And after a blip on the 20th, at the time of writing, King of Avalon is on top once again.

The King of Avalon grossing position from launch to November 23rd

King of Avalon's sudden success has put it above other smash hit mobile games such as Mobile Strike, Pokemon GO and Clash Royale. It remains to be seen if it could stay in the upper echelons of the top grossing charts for the long-term, however.

FunPlus has said that the game is being supported with "its most aggressive marketing campaign to date," recruting Kristian Nairn - best known as Hodor from Game of Thrones - as the face of the game.

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Henry Choi
This game has a bug to purchase item for android user. Do not play this game if you are iOS user
Anita Blake
Honestly, it's probably from Tapjoy, a company that will give people in-game cash on various apps if they fulfill offers. All of the Topps trading card apps use Tapjoy and I've downloaded KoA a few times in exchange for in-game currency that I would otherwise have to pay money for. Now granted, I've continued to play KoA because it's fun and I ended up getting roped into a clan, but I know more than a few people who downloaded it for the payola.
Annina Salvén CFO at Next Games Oy
This is strange - if their top grossing ranking would be a product of marketing as this article points out, Avalon would certainly rise in download charts - but they are not even ranking within the top 100. Therefore increase in revenue can't be a product of a massive influx of new users due to marketing.
Syed Imran Co-Founder, Games Producer, Principal 3d Artist at Galassia Studios
Pray tell how much of that is organic?
Gaming Unicorn Marketing Director
Less of this kind of game, more premium "Super Mario Run"-style products, please!
Ben D Director
That appannie chart trajectory looks awfully suspect.

Maybe they think UA means paying a Chinese company to chart boost for them.