Understand cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICOs in new content track for PG Connects London 2018

Presented by Reality Clash, latest addition to PGC agenda answers all your crypto questions

Understand cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICOs in new content track for PG Connects London 2018

A cryptocurrency walks into a bar, orders a drink, and gets served a stuffed otter.

"What's this? I asked for a jack and coke."

"Sorry, couldn't understand you," the barperson retorts.

There, in a nutshell, is the average human's comprehension of cryptocurrency.

But unless you've been overdoing the 'stuffed otters' this year you can't have failed to notice cryptocurrency is hotter than a Trinidadian pepper. And its potential implications for mobile gaming could be massive.

How massive and why should you care?

That's what Cracking Crypto & Blockchain Basics, the very latest track to join the PG Connects London 2018 (January 22nd to 23rd) agenda will aim to enlighten you on.

Presented by Reality Clash and effectively running under the tutelage of Reality Gaming's Tony Pearce, the track will principally focus on:

  • Introduction to cryptocurrency – scale & impact
  • Everything you need to know about blockchain technology and why you should use it
  • The good, bad and ugly around launching and running a successful ICO
  • Legal considerations and regulations
  • Technical implementation of in-game purchases using blockchain
  • The future and the opportunity for game dev studios

In short, the point is to give you all the insight with regards to what crytpocurrency, blockchain and ICOs have to do with gaming. A full track listing will show up on the PGC London site soon.

And of course, that's only one of the 12 tracks we have planned for PGC London 2018 (or 21 if you include all the XR Connects and PC Connects tracks too – one ticket, three conferences).

More on those very soon, but for now know that the 45+ hours of content along with the 2,000+ delegates, 800-company representation, multiple side pitch-events and more than 5,000 scheduled business meetings are the reason PGC London is Europe's premier mobile games industry conference.

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.