RewardMob partners with Waves to launch blockchain-based mobile gaming platform

From rewards to esports

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February 7th, 2018 partnership RewardMob Not disclosed
RewardMob partners with Waves to launch blockchain-based mobile gaming platform

While blockchain’s potential to disrupt gaming is immense it has to be admitted its first fruits are more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Partly that’s because of the complexity of running a full blockchain economy, but also because simply using it to replace existing platform currencies - whether fiat or soft - offers immediate advantages.

In terms of in-game item trading site such as OPSkins, which has launched its WAX cryptocurrency, this is all about speeding up transactions while lowering costs on its existing platform.

Other sectors looking at the new possibilities are engagement platforms, which can convert their existing soft currencies into more valuable token-based systems, something Canadian mobile games rewards start-up RewardMob is looking to do with its RMOB loyalty token.

Currently these are earned by playing tournaments using games that support the RewardMob SDK, but following its ticket sale on March 13th, will be available to buy and trade like any other cryptocurrency.

In the weeks since the release of its app on the App Store and Google Play, RewardMob has given out over 2.5 million RMOBs, with gamers creating over 14,000 wallets.

Riding the waves

Underlying the technology is the Waves blockchain platform, which enables developers to create their own token and handles all the backend requirements needed for players to manage their wallets and securely store and trade their digital assets.

“Blockchain technology provides additional security, speed and flexibility that allows us to innovate in the loyalty rewards space,” said RewardMob CEO Todd Koch.

“Crucially, the Waves Platform also securely administers, manages and delivers all of our RMOB loyalty tokens to players. We want to grow our business by fifteen times in the next six months and with the Waves Platform support; it is making this happen and at a rapid-fire pace.”

Eventually, he hopes to expand operations beyond rewards, turning RewardMob into a high volume platform for competitive mobile gaming, including esports.

Waves’ CEO Sasha Ivanov added, “I am enthused by the team at RewardMob who have been quick to maximize the global public blockchain, putting the fast transaction speeds to the test.

“With our transaction speeds of around 6,000 transactions per minute, we can scale with large projects like RewardMob’s.”

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