AR tie-in The Walking Dead: Our World launches worldwide today

But will the adaptation be enough to mend Next Games’ revenue woes?

AR tie-in The Walking Dead: Our World launches worldwide today

Next Games' augmented reality adaptation The Walking Dead: Our World launches globally today.

The game sees players roaming the real world, taking down zombies through an AR interface. Players can team up with friends and encounter characters from AMC’s long-running TV adaptation of the apocalypse.

“Combined with both a technically and creatively unique AR and location execution, this game truly takes a fresh approach to the genre,” said Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen.

“I’m excited to let the world play our game today and can confidently say that this will be a day to remember for Next Games.”

Global pandemic

As a licensed global-scale AR game, comparisons to Pokemon Go are inevitable. But speaking to Variety, AMC’s Clayton Neuman said that the team had no interest in aping Niantic’s phenomenon.

“Pokemon is a great game, and it did a lot to innovate in this space,” said Neuman. “Our goal wasn’t to make Pokemon Go with zombies.

“Augmented reality and location gaming is a great way to bring The Walking Dead into our world. It gives you a chance to experience the apocalypse and live out hypothetically what you would do.”

Next Games are likely hoping the AR experience will help turn things around for the company. Revenue at the studio dropped 56 per cent in the three months ending March this year, following a sharp drop in investors and active users for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

Next Games is also working on an upcoming Blade Runner title set for release at the end of this year.

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