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Next Games revenue down 56% in Q1 2018 as Walking Dead: No Man’s Land loses players

Finnish developer cites change in daily active and monthly active users as the primary reason for drop in revenues
Next Games revenue down 56% in Q1 2018 as Walking Dead: No Man’s Land loses players
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Next Games' revenue was down 56 per cent to $5.8 million during the three months ending March 31st 2018 following a drop in active users for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

A fall in users and investment in new projects led to an operating loss of of $4.5 million in Q1, compared to $442k profit the year prior.

The number of monthly active users in Next Games’ portfolio declined by 37 per cent year-on-year to just over one million, while DAUs declined by 42 per cent to 312k. Average revenue per daily active user was said to be $0.21.

What’s next?

Looking to the future, Next Games also revealed that The Walking Dead: Our World was set to be soft-launched in more countries for additional testing and that it anticipated a third-quarter release for the new location-based augmented reality title.

The studio’s upcoming Blade Runner title meanwhile is set for closed beta testing at the beginning of Q2 2018. A soft launch for the title has been earmarked for end of Q2.

Next Games also revealed that it has signed a deal to develop a new licensed game with an as yet unannounced partner during the first quarter of 2018, while it also has a game in development with NBCUniversal.

News of the company's financials comes as it restructured its management team with former head of games Emmi Kuusikko and former head of business development Joonas Viitala taking up the positions of chief product officer and chief operating officer.

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