Game of War’s spoils surpass $2.8 billion revenue worldwide

MZ’s flagship hits the milestone just after its fifth anniversary

Game of War’s spoils surpass $2.8 billion revenue worldwide

MZ’s strategy hit Game of War has surpassed $2.8 billion in revenue since launching just over five years ago.

Sensor Tower reports that the game crossed the milestone figure across both iOS and Android just after its fifth anniversary at the end of July.


Game of War has a majority audience of 57 per cent on iOS, accounting for $1.6 billion of worldwide player spending. A further $1.2 billion came from Google Play.

United States players account for 60 per cent of the audience, contributing $1.7 billion to the revenue total. Japan follows in second place at 7 per cent.

Of course, some fans will be contributing a little more than others - and some may be embezzling public funds, as was the case with Utah librarian Adam Winger spending $89,000 on mobile microtransactions.

The report comes just in time to support MZ’s placement at No. 18 in our Top 50 Mobile Developers list for 2018.

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