IronSource unveils new tool to measure ad revenue sources

User Ad Revenue tool tracks which marketing channel user came from to help developers identify the top performing networks

IronSource unveils new tool to measure ad revenue sources

Ad monetisation outfit IronSource has unveiled a new toolset that lets developers measure ad revenue and track which marketing channel brought in specific users.

Called User Ad Revenue, IronSource said the tool would help companies optimise their monetisation and user acquisition activity by highlighting the top performing networks.

The company has partnered with a number of attribution companies, including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular and Tenjin, to help provide more accurate data.

Tracking ad revenue

“We developed this capability to enable our partners to finally generate profitable and efficient user acquisition across all the marketing channels, ” said IronSource developer solutions COO Tal Shoham.

“As a mediation provider, we have visibility that other networks simply don’t have, allowing us to provide a picture of ad revenue generated across all the top networks. Coupled with our partnerships with the leading attribution providers, we’re able to generate a comprehensive view of the monetisation and marketing cycle that no company has managed before.

“This is a true game changer. It allows an app marketer to not only bid accurately but it gives them the confidence that their marketing investment is indeed profitable.”

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