King, Moonfrog Labs, Resolution Games and GameAnalytics join the amazing speaker roster at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019

Industry trends, hypercasual games, VR, AR, consoles and the future - it’s all at the January event.

King, Moonfrog Labs, Resolution Games and GameAnalytics join the amazing speaker roster at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019

Europe’s biggest B2B expo and conference for the mobile games industry returns to the UK to kickstart a year of international events with Pocket Gamer Connects London on January 21st to 22nd 2019.

An incredible 16-track conference schedule across both days will once more feature the biggest speakers exploring the most crucial issues affecting games developers, publishers and any professional working in the sector worldwide.

We’ve already revealed Unity, Tencent, Rovio, Supercell, and Hutch speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019 - see here, here and here for more on that - and we’re still not done!

Here are the latest speakers that have confirmed for the New Year event.

Left to right: Sabrina Carmona; Chris Kempt; Ioana Hreninciuc; Vasavadatta Trivikrama

Top 10 tips for running a small games studio.

We’re absolutely delighted that King’s Sabrina Carmona will deliver a Superstar Session about driving productivity, while Chris Kempt, managing director at Burke & Best, will share his top 10 tips for running a small games studio successfully.

And for a data-driven session, you won’t want to miss GameAnalytics CEO, Ioana Hreninciuc, revealing the latest global trends based on insights from three billion mobile gamers.

Moonfrog Labs’ Product Manager, Vasavadatta Trivikrama, will share their learnings from developing a top three game on the global Facebook Messenger platform, Ludo Club. Trivikrama will explain how they acquired 10 million monthly active users, looking at product market fit, key drivers for retention and Messenger as a distribution channel.

Left to right: Simon Spaull; Alexander Krug; Jamie Cason; Christof Wegmann

There’s also a panel session specifically to discuss success in hypercasual and messenger games, featuring Applovin’s Simon Spaull, and Softgames’ Alexander Krug.

Christof Wegmann, founder and CTO at Exit Games, will talk about providing brilliant multiplayer experiences using the cloud.

Left to right: Todd Green; Rosemary Lokhorst; Adam Holmes; Elie Abraham

The games industry as an island and how it can reconnect with the cultural and creative world.

Culture, mental health, charity and gender

Recognising that the games industry is about more than just business, we’re taking a look at its culture both within the sector and its impact on the wider world.

King’s head of studio Todd Green will take part in a panel about Britain as development culture and deliver a thought-provoking session on the games industry as an island and how it can reconnect with the cultural and creative world.

Resonance House’s Rosemary Lokhorst asks, ‘Can a game be therapy for emotional health?'. The presentation will reveal the results of their internal study into how games can empower teens dealing with serious health challenges, as well as how the research informed design decisions on free mobile game, Shadow’s Edge.

And Adam Holmes will speak for War Child about why games companies are collaborating with charities, raising over $3m since 2016 to support children affected by war. This session will dive into the impact charity events have on in-game player retention, increasing brand value, and driving player behaviour in-game (such as engagement and PAU).

It will also focus on best practices for working with charities, covering selecting a charity that fits your game/ audience, how to incorporate a charity into your game, and how to engage your player base with charity events.

We’re looking forward to Elie Abraham’s presentation on gender and romance in games too.

Left to right: Tommy Palm; Sako Salovaara; Andreea Chifu; Jeferson Valadares

Future platforms, opportunities and potential for the games industry.

VR, AR, consoles, cross-platform and the future

We’re sure of a very warm welcome for Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm as he returns to the Connects stage to look forward to how developers can bring AR games to the masses in 2019.

Hear from one of the initial VR/AR gaming innovators on what’s holding developers back from building successful AR titles, how to take advantage of today’s tech to enable stellar AR games experiences, and what has been learned from previous gaming platforms that can be implemented with AR.

Drunk-Fu made the leap from mobile to Xbox One and is heading back to handsets soon. Sako Salovaara, CEO at developers Rusto, explains how unexpected opportunities can lead to the unknown.

Raw Fury Games’ Andreea Chifu also takes on cross-platform publishing, while Doppio Games CEO and co-founder Jeferson Valadares, explores the potential for voice games.

And the always entertaining Psytec Games founder Jon Hibbins will share his unique perspective as part of a panel debating future platforms, opportunities and potential for the games industry.

Speakers also appearing from:

  • AppOnboard
  • DeltaDNA
  • Facebook
  • Fingersoft
  • Game Insight
  • Hatch
  • Lab Cave Games
  • Nutaku
  • Wappier
  • yellowHead

Europe's biggest B2B event for the mobile games industry - now with added PC and blockchain too.

About Pocket Gamer Connects London

Part of an international series of B2B events for the games industry, Pocket Gamer Connects was first held in London in 2014 and is now the biggest exhibition and conference of its type in Europe.

The show will attract over 2,500 delegates from all around the world, including Europe, Asia and America. Away from the show floor, the conference schedule features 12 tracks of seminars from 300 of the industry’s finest, covering mobile games, handheld consoles, and VR and AR.

PC and blockchain side events

Making a welcome return for 2019, PC Connects London brings a further five seminar tracks, while Blockchain Gamer Connects makes its UK debut with four more tracks.

Your ticket will get you into all three shows and all 25 conference tracks.

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