Games4EU urges UK MPs to reject the Prime Minister’s Brexit withdrawal agreement

“It is critical to find a way out of this mess”

Games4EU urges UK MPs to reject the Prime Minister’s Brexit withdrawal agreement

Games4EU has teamed up with Tech for UK and Best for Britain to insist MPs reject Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement.

A meaningful vote is set to be held in the House of Commons on January 15th, following its delay in December. It's expected that parliament will reject the deal that has already been agreed with the EU, which raises the prospect of a no-deal Brexit or no Brexit at all, as May previously put it.

Games4EU has sent a letter to over 250 members of parliament, signed by co-founders Jas Purewal, Tracey McGarrigan and George Osborn.

The group also collaborated with Tech for UK co-organisers Mike Butcher, Madhuban Kumar, Josh Russell and Best for Britain co-founder Eloise Todd to create the letter.

“The products and services we produce are used by millions of people around the UK, hundreds of millions worldwide, and are helping to drive the future of technology and entertainment,” said Games4EU.

“It is critical to find a way out of this mess and therefore we ask you to reject the government’s proposed Brexit ‘deal’ and to make all arrangements as speedily as possible for a People’s Vote (with an option to remain in the EU) to allow our industries, our consumers, and the country a say on the final Brexit outcome.”

Stay put.

Games4EU has long insisted that, as an international industry, leaving the EU and its associated benefits would be disastrous for the UK games industry.

In November, the activist organisation published an open letter signed by 127 companies and over 1300 members of the UK games industry, calling for Brexit to be stopped.

The group argues that the Prime Minister’s current plan is merely a stopgap that provides no security and simply pushes the cliff edge back a couple of years. While a no-deal Brexit is the worst case scenario, May’s deal is seen as little better.

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