IronSource launches A/B testing tool for ad monetisation

Helps developers improve their ARPU, ARPDAU and retention rates

IronSource launches A/B testing tool for ad monetisation

Mobile monetisation firm IronSource has launched a new tool that enables developers run A/B testing on their monetisation strategies.

The tool can be accessed straight through the dashboard and is designed to help developers improve their ARPU, ARPDAU and retention rates.

Control groups can be set up so monetisation changes can be tested on a select batch of users rather than the entire playerbase.

Developers can then track the performance of these groups through IronSource’s reporting system against their main KPIs, and at the end choose whether to apply the best performing changes.

Testing times

IronSource claims its solution means teams can get more accurate data based on these select control groups rather than from all players. It also states that tests are often done through two different builds, which can be a costly and time-consuming demand on engineering resources.

"Our goal is to give apps developers one powerful engine for driving business growth, and being able to A/B test without dedicated development resources or having to release a new version of their app to the store can have a significant impact on their bottom line,” IronSource VP Product Nimrod Zuta told

“Monetisation technologies are first and foremost about helping developers generate revenue, and certainly at the heart of our mediation platform is a very strong algorithm for optimising yield.

“But there is a huge amount of sophistication, customisability, reporting and analytics that can be layered on top of that - and that's where we really stand out."

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