Facebook, Roblox, Riot Games, Hyper Hippo and DoubleDown to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

West coast games industry event adds amazing new speakers to two-day conference schedule

Facebook, Roblox, Riot Games, Hyper Hippo and DoubleDown to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

With Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle just one month away, we’re still adding to our already amazing speaker roster for the May 13th and 14th event. More than 100 leading experts will deliver nine packed conference tracks across both days of the show.

We’ve already shared the news that the schedule features big brands and pioneers such as EA, East Side Games, NBCUniversal Media, NCsoft, NetEase, Nexon M and Spry Fox - you can find out more about those speakers here and here.

Today we’ll look at the latest speakers confirmed to deliver seminars on growth, monetisation, the latest trends, esports and hyper-casual games.

Left-to-right: Faith Price, Kelly Maguire, Dana Ramnarine, Joe Schaeppi, Marcelo Ballestiero

The latest advances in automated creative optimisation and machine learning-driven bidding.

Time to get growing!

Growth is one phenomenon that all developers and publishers hope to see for their games, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire track to it at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle.

We’re delighted to reveal that Faith Price of DoubleDown Interactive will take part in a panel session looking at embracing complexity and compliance in modern user acquisition. Exploring the latest advances in automated creative optimisation and machine learning-driven bidding, the panelists will share their tips on how to navigate and succeed in this new age.

APPatheia’s Kelly Maguire will look at marketing and business on a budget for indie developers, covering how to set a foundation of non-paid opportunities, connect with others to try and develop relationships for getting coverage, and how to use lower cost acquisition channels to drive new players.

Maguire will also cover how to consider monetisation within the game concept and how to account for paying players, non-paying players, and the best way to optimise for both in order to ensure a game is viable as a commercial effort and not just a passion project.

And if you get all that right and need to expand your team, rhum’s Dana Ramnarine, will explain how to leverage key learnings in UA to happily grow your studio by attracting the right talent. Ramnarine’s seminar will explore why the tools and messaging you use to bring players to your game shouldn’t deviate from the ones you use to attract amazing employees.

This session will include the top three tips and tricks to amplify your studio’s message, cultivate organic conversations with talent, and build a healthy pipeline of engaged people that really want to work on your products.

Left-to-right: Ted Verani, Enrico D’Angelo, David Bluhm, Craig Robinson, Chris Hopper

How to create truly player-centric experiences that will boost retention, engagement and LTV.

Money talks

Find out how player-centricity, psychometrics and hyper-personalisation improve retention and monetisation with Joe Schaeppi of 12traits. Examining what being player-centric really means and how to embed and scale UX across game studios large and small, Schaeppi will go over how to assess what stage your company is at along its UX journey, how to scale efforts based on these stages, and how to create truly player-centric experiences that will boost retention, engagement and LTV.

Libring’s Marcelo Ballestiero will explain how data aggregation can help publishers and developers to improve monetisation, while wappier’s Ted Verani takes part in a panel session about designing games for maximum monetisation.

Left-to-right: Sam Chandola, Chris Cataldi, David Lee, Patrick Barthe, Stewart Kelpe

Want to find out how multiple game teams of one to three people are achieving active audiences in the tens of millions?

Trends, esports and hypercasual

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Roblox VP, Product Enrico D’Angelo will speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle next month.

We can’t wait to hear his views on the role of gaming platforms - especially at a time when their very purpose is increasingly called into question. D’Angelo will detail the toughest problems creators face in a global market with massive audiences where cross-platform connectivity is quickly becoming a standard: scaling online infrastructure to millions of players, publishing worldwide (including China), connecting players socially, true cross-platform play.

Want to find out how multiple game teams of one-to-three people are achieving active audiences in the 10 of millions? Don’t miss this seminar!

David Bluhm of Agnitio Capital will take part in a panel discussion on consolidations and acquisition strategies, while Flowplay’s Craig Robinson will offer an introduction to using Haxe for game development.

Chris ‘Chopper’ Hopper of Riot Games joins the Esports Academy track, where we’re also looking forward to the panel on how esports is changing the face of gaming. Chaired by Sam Chandola from, the panelists include Chris Cataldi, Genvid Technologies; David Lee, ESP Gaming; and Patrick Barthe and Stewart Kelpe, Atomic Infotech.

And if you want to find out more about the hot growth sector in mobile gaming, then you should head straight to the hypercasual and Instant Messenger track, featuring amazing speakers such as Nifty Games’ Jon Middleton, as well as Ginger Larsen and Jessica Shetty from track sponsors, Facebook Games.

Left-to-right: Jon Middleton, Ginger Larsen, Jessica Shetty, Bill Wang, Eiso Kawamoto

You want more?

There’s just no pleasing some people! Okay, you asked for it:

  • Bill Wang, Giant Interactive
  • Eiso Kawamoto, Metamoki
  • Isaac Roseboom, DeltaDNA
  • Lab Cave Games
  • Oliver Birch, Hothead Games
  • Sam Fisher, Hyper Hippo Games
  • Shintaro Kanaoya, Chorus Worldwide

With new speakers joining daily, we’ll reveal the full conference schedule soon.

Left-to-right: Isaac Roseboom, Oliver Birch, Sam Fisher, Shintaro Kanaoya

PC Connects brings a further four unmissable tracks. Your ticket will get you into both shows

PLUS: PC, networking, investors, pitches and party

We think you’ll agree that’s a spectacular speaker line-up for Seattle. But there’s more than an incredible series of seminars at next month’s Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle.

Joining us in the USA for the first time is partner event, PC Connects, bringing a further four unmissable tracks for any PC games professional. Your ticket will get you into both shows and all 13 conference tracks.

With a vibrant expo space showcasing the very best indie talent, there are also Big Indie Pitches for mobile and PC, as well as our free online meeting scheduler, SpeedMatch sessions, Investor Connector and our Global Connects Party for networking after dark.

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