News's most read articles of the decade (if Supercell didn't exist)

A look back on the last decade (if Supercell didn't exist)'s most read articles of the decade (if Supercell didn't exist)

Supercell has, undoubtedly, become one of the biggest mobile developers in the world over the last decade. From original smash hit Clash of Clans to its MOBA spin-off Clash Royale and beyond, its games consistently rake in boatloads of cash and have turned it into a major player in the industry.

So it makes sense that every time we write a story about Supercell, our readers flock to it. Whether it be something as momentous as the launch of a new game, or even a silly story about the Clash of Clans Builder going missing, if we write about it, we know it'll be one of the top stories of the week, month, and possibly even year.

But what if Supercell had never existed? What if Ilkka Paananen summoned his inner George Bailey and wished his company had never been born, like in the fanfic I originally wrote for this intro but had to discard because it was a bit too weird?

Reader, it would probably look a bit like the list you're about to read. You may have encountered these stories before - we have already rounded up our most read articles of the last decade, after all - but it's fun to think about how our lives would be different if it hadn't been for those darn clans and their endless clashing.

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