BlueStacks and TikTok offer substantial ROI for mobile game UA

So says new Singular report

BlueStacks and TikTok offer substantial ROI for mobile game UA

User acquisition is a major part of the mobile ecosystem, which is why Singular’s ROI Index is well worth checking out.

It’s based on the analysis of $6.3 billion in ad spend, driving 2.2 billion app installs across 550 ad networks during 2019.

Of course, at scale the big boys remain Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter.

But Singular also points out there are plenty of successful niche ad networks operating across different verticals and geographies.

In mobile gaming, these include Vungle, Unity, Fyber, AppLovin and Chartboost.

Underused UA channels

Singular also highlights the value of BlueStacks, the PC-based Android platform for gaming, which it says is “returning significant results” for certain clients.

The big general change over 2019, however, was the rise of TikTok, which grew by 600 million users, to almost 1.5 billion.

The social app launched its first self-serve ad platform in June 2019 Singular says the monetisation potential remains massive.

You can check out the report - email sign-up required - here.

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