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BlueStacks affiliate programme expands to 57 countries and over 500 mobile game offers

More than 2 million games in total available on the Android platform via computer
BlueStacks affiliate programme expands to 57 countries and over 500 mobile game offers

Mobile gaming platform BlueStacks has recently announced that it has expanded its network of video game publishers and content producers to 57 countries, thanks in no small part to its affiliate programme.

The BlueStacks platform encompasses more than 2 million games across the cloud and Android platform. The cloud-based mobile game streaming service Bluestacks X launched as a beta one year ago as a free streaming offer for Android mobile games, present across platforms including MacOS and Linux.

BlueStacks also offers revenue models to content creators in the gaming sphere, be they YouTubers, bloggers, websites or streamers on Twitch. On BlueStacks, such creators have the choice of over 500 mobile game offers and are able to view commission rates and more.

Affiliate advantages

As highlighted by AsiaOne, 80 percent of businesses in a piece of US research were found to increase their revenues via affiliate programmes, with these in fact accounting for as much as 30 percent of overall revenue.

In the case of BlueStacks, its affiliate programme has members across 57 different countries who each receive a referral link once registered. When embedded into a web page, blog or elsewhere, members receive a percentage for every purchase made via the unique link.

"BlueStacks offers our gamers the possibility of playing more than 2 million games on the Android platform via their computers, whilst also providing video game-oriented content producers, YouTube publishers and game-connected websites with a revenue model in which they can reap the rewards of their efforts," said BlueStacks founder and CEO Rosen Sharma.

BlueStacks’ sister company launched another payment system last year wherein mobile game developers can receive 95 percent of revenues. Powered by, Bluestacks launched its Creator Studio and Creator Hub earlier this year for the modding and sharing of modded mobile games.