New studio Bazooka Tango launched by Vainglory creators

$2.5 million raised to create multiplayer mobile games

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 17th, 2020 investment Bazooka Tango
Bitkraft Ventures
Super Evil Megacorp
New studio Bazooka Tango launched by Vainglory creators

The creators of free-to-play mobile MOBA Vainglory have founded a new studio under the name Bazooka Tango.

Super Evil Megacorp founding CEO Bo Daly and co-founder and director Stephan Sherman have put together the new team that features game developers and publishers from Riot Games, Rockstar, EA, and NCSOFT.

The mobile games company has raised $2.5 million in seed funding led by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, with MTG, Mergelane and others participating.

Bazooka Tango will partner with Super Evil Megacorp for its first release, which will see the firm utilise the E.V.I.L. game development engine and IP to create Vainglory All Stars. The game will feature "all-new gameplay and a new genre", with an expected soft launch this Spring.

"New experiences"

"Rather than bringing triple-A to mobile, we want to help shape what mobile-first triple-A can really mean with new experiences for players," said Daly.

"Bazooka Tango has assembled a senior executive team with diverse backgrounds to create something from the ground-up that will support this next wave of mobile games and the new generation of mobile-first gamers."

BITKRAFT Esports Ventures partner Scott Rupp added: "Having worked to first bring core multiplayer gaming to mobile in 2012, it is only natural that the Bazooka Tango team would lead the next chapter of mobile-first triple-A."

"We are excited to see some of the brightest and most experienced minds from the games publishing and developer world coming together to spearhead the next era of multiplayer mobile games."

Super Evil recently raised $10.5 million for cloud game Project Spellfire, with funding led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

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