Tapjoy launches deep multi-reward engagements ads on Android

More rewards, better engagement

Tapjoy launches deep multi-reward engagements ads on Android

With 95 per cent of mobile gamers never spending any money in-app, the sophistication of in-direct monetisation continues to develop apace.

The latest experiment from Tapjoy is called multi-reward engagements.

Labelled an industry-first, it enables developers of Android games and apps to create a multi-stage reward experience from within a single rewarded CPE ad unit.

(Note: Apple doesn't allow this sort of indirect monetisation.)

A simple example would be rewarding a player for downloading a game and then for completing multiple actions within that game.

Such activity is backed by a visual progress bar to help users understand where they are in the conversion process and easily pick up where they left off.

Better for everyone

Tapjoy says this sort of approach is win-win-win as it's more exciting and rewarding for users and because it creates a more engaged player who gets deeper into a game and has more in-game currency to spend, it's more cost effective.

Equally these sort of ad units generate more revenue for developers who integrate Tapjoy's offerwall.

"Not only is this experience better for the user because they get more rewards, we managed to increase scale by 81% and exceed our return on ad spend goal by 2X with Tapjoy Multi-Reward Engagements," commented Huuuge Games' senior UA manager Magda Z.

"This development allows us to scale our UA campaigns while reducing the number of live offers we have to manage day-to-day."

These multi-reward engagements are currently integrated with Mobile Measurement Partners Adjust, AppsFlyer, Singular and Kochava, with others being added shortly.

"Tapjoy has always been a steadfast proponent of the value exchange model," said Tapjoy’s EVP global ad sales, Sarah Chafer.

"We believe that this model is most effective when the user experience comes first. With the release of Multi-Reward Engagements, we're seeing fewer customer support requests, higher completion of CPE offers, and higher revenue for developers, which correlates to higher engagement."

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