AppsFlyer: Google becomes number one for mobile app advertising

Facebook dominates retargeting

AppsFlyer: Google becomes number one for mobile app advertising

Google has become the number one company in the mobile app advertising market, according to AppsFlyer data.

The marketing analytics firm confirmed Google's first-place position via the release of its Performance Index. The search giant's success was put down to its performance on Android and its app campaigns product.

When it comes to retargeting lapsed players, Facebook dominates the conversation with its dynamic ads proving particularly successful. On iOS, Facebook earned the top spot across power rankings in 17 out of 19 global segments covering both gaming and non-gaming categories.

Google then followed in second, although its growth rate came in at an impressive 44 per cent while Facebook's only jumped by five per cent. This increase was attributed to the company's command of the Android platform.

"Machine learning"

"The data shows that Google's choice to go all-in on machine learning, while focusing on video and creative to power its App Campaigns product has paid off," said AppsFlyer head of mobile insights AppsFlyer.

"When looking at the Retargeting Index, their numbers are even more impressive considering that ACe was only rolled out to some clients in beta. It'll be interesting to see how it evolves when the product becomes available to everyone."

AppsFlyer recently estimated that mobile game marketers will spend $48.5 billion on user acquisition globally by 2022.

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