Playcrafting teams up with Schick Xtreme for charity mobile game

Shave the Day is on iOS and Android

Playcrafting teams up with Schick Xtreme for charity mobile game

Razor brand Schick Xtreme has partnered with Playcrafting for new charity mobile title Shave the Day.

The aim of the game is simple - players must shave heads, and in return, they get "Bald Bucks" the in-game currency.

"In Shave The Day, you take on the role of XtremeMan, a fearless bald superhero. Your mission – help St. Baldrick's Foundation raise money for childhood cancer research by shaving as many heads as possible," reads the game description.

"Using your flexible Schick Xtreme® razor as a hoverboard, dodge oncoming obstacles to shave heads and rack up Bald Bucks."

Bald for cash

Schick will then turn the virtual money into real-life funds which will be donated to St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity working on research for childhood cancer. The razor firm will donate up to $250,000.

"After hearing about a St. Baldrick's Foundation event at my daughter's school and how the students and community came together in a celebratory act of head shaving to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, I knew we needed to get Schick Xtreme, a razor praised by consumers as the best for head-shaving at home, involved with St. Baldrick's," said Shick parent Edgewell Personal Care North America vice president Matt Bell.

"By launching Shave The Day, we're able to drive awareness for Schick Xtreme with our target consumer, but more importantly, we've made it easy and fun for everyone to play Shave The Day and support lifesaving childhood cancer research from the comfort and safety of their couch."

A good cause

"When Schick Xtreme came to us with their inspiration, we were thrilled to jump on board to build a game that's both innately fun and supports the St. Baldrick's mission of shaving in solidarity for childhood cancer," said Playcrafting CEO and founder Dan Butchko.

"The power of video games to make a difference has never been clearer, especially in our increasingly virtual world."

Schick has teamed up with Twitch streamers Aydan and NMPLOL on the game's launch. The pair will not only set personal donation goals but will also shave their heads live once the targets have been hit.

The game is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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