Apple's virtual reality hardware could hit the market in two years

Mike Rockwell and Jony Ive did not agree on the design

Apple's virtual reality hardware could hit the market in two years

Apple's first virtual reality headset is still looking at a possible release in 2022.

As reported by Bloomberg - via Upload VR - the new hardware will feature an ultra-high-resolution screen and a cinematic speaker system. The project was first reported on in November 2019 and was slated for a 2022 launch.

However, the company is yet to decide on a retail price but given the impressive features and the use of fabric in the design it could have a higher cost than the Oculus Quest..

Different direction

The company's vice president for AR and VR Mike Rockwell wanted to create a "hub" to stream content to the virtual reality hardware wirelessly. In a similar manner to the design of the PlayStation VR and PC VR hardware.

However, Apple designer Jony Ive – who left the company after 27 years last year – did not agree with Rockwell's vision, which ultimately led to the idea being scrapped after CEO Tim Cook backed the designer. Instead, the processing hardware will be built into the headset.

It is believed that Apple's product will be competitive with the Oculus Quest. That said, the tech giant may launch its hardware with a media remote and hand tracking as opposed to controllers.

Whatever happens, it's possible Apple will face stiff competition from Oculus' established headset. Within one year of release, the Quest has seen $100 million spent on content.

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