It looks like Bethesda has cancelled Commander Keen on mobile

All traces have been removed from its websites

It looks like Bethesda has cancelled Commander Keen on mobile

It would appear as though Bethesda has cancelled its upcoming Commander Keen mobile game.

Twitter user Nitomatta spotted the news and shared it on the social media site (below). The game has been removed from all social media and can no longer be found on ZeniMax's website.

Commander Keen was a popular franchise throughout the nineties with its first game being released in 1990 – Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons. The most recent instalment came out in 2001 and was simply titled Commander Keen.

Not in command

The game was first announced at E3 2019. In our own coverage of the event, embedded a recap video for the announcement which has since been made private.

The reason for this apparent cancellation is unknown, but it is worth bearing in mind that fans of the series were not thrilled at the concept of this new game. The cartoon inspired art style was particularly not well received.

No release date or target time for the game was given, though a soft launch was planned for summer 2019.

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