Gismart is looking to partner with hypercasual developers

To bring games to market quicker

Gismart is looking to partner with hypercasual developers

London-based developer Gismart wants to team up with more hypercasual development teams.

The mobile games specialist will aid those who do take on the partnership to release its games within a short period of time. The company brings with it experience in both development and publishing.

The call for hypercasual partnerships follows Gismart's recently launched initiative – aimed at musicians – Games for Artists. As part of the programme, partnered musicians can advertise their music through Gismart's titles.

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"Games with low CPI is something every developer is after since it is one of the main benchmarks for game scalability on the market. We are removing this hurdle for our partners by offering them various game concepts that have been tested and shown low CPI," said Gismart VP of business development and marketing Lana Meisak,

Currently, the London-based firm has a good hold on the sector with a variety of titles such as Cool Goal!, Domino Smash and Happy Hockey!. Moreover, the company's catalogue has hit 500 million downloads, of which 35 million were generated through Cool Goal! by October 2019.

On top of this, Domino Smash and Cool Goal! topped the charts in 62 countries.

Gismart is not the only mobile games company with an interest in the hypercasual market. Earlier this month, CrazyLabs invested $500,000 in the Indian games market to boost hypercasual titles.

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