East Side Games teams with FX Networks for Archer: Danger Phone

Was originally announced by Disruptor Beam in 2019

Date Type Companies involved Size
August 18th, 2020 partnership East Side Games Not disclosed
East Side Games teams with FX Networks for Archer: Danger Phone

East Side Games has teamed up with FX Networks, 20th Century Studio Games, and Truly Social Games for Archer: Danger Phone.

Initially developed by Disruptor Beam, with a November 2019 release, the game is based on the hit adult-animated series created by FX, of which Season 11 will release in September 2020.

A narrative-driven game, players find themselves in charge of the espionage agency and must lead Archer and a band of spies through a cryptocurrency operation following an economic crash.

Mission accomplished

Of course, given this is Archer, hilarity will ensue as your spies complete missions in a somewhat successful manner. Furthermore, fans of the award-winning show will recognise certain moments among new storylines designed for the game.

East Side Games is known for its narrative-led idle games and has plenty of experience with big name TV licenses. It recently partnered with Sony to create a new game based on The Goldbergs and brought It's Always Sunny to mobile last year, which we featured in our regular Making Of series.

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