Fueled by hypercasual boom, BoomBit surpasses 800 million downloads

Ramp Car Jump leads the way

Fueled by hypercasual boom, BoomBit surpasses 800 million downloads

Mobile game publisher BoomBit has announced 800 million downloads since it was founded in 2010.

And the velocity of its business continues to accelerate with 164 million titles downloaded in the first nine month of 2020, up 230 per cent year-on-year.

Of those, 115 million were hypercasual games.

Now with over 250 staff, the company has offices in the US and the UK, China, Poland and Slovakia.


Originally best known for its ‘one touch’ games, more recently BoomBit has modified its approach with Ramp Car Jump proving to be its most successful game to-date with over 35 million downloads.

“Starting in 2018, we observed a second wave of hypercasual games and made a strategic decision to focus on hypercasual games once again,” said Co-CEO Marcin Olejarz.

“We currently have around a dozen hypercasual titles in our portfolio and we plan to continue publishing further games of that type - both developed internally and by external teams.”

Co-CEO Hannibal Soares added “Our recent results both in terms of downloads and revenue generated, assures us that deciding to focus on hypercasual games again was a great strategic move and proves our high proficiency in this promising genre.”

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