Judge denies Google's move to have its Epic Games case start in 2022

Epic has suggested a date of February 2021

Judge denies Google's move to have its Epic Games case start in 2022

A US judge has rejected Google's motion to have its case with Epic Games begin in 2022.

As reported by Esports Observer, Judge James Donato told the behemoth companies that while he is happy for them to decide on a date to commence proceedings, a two-year delay in the case was not acceptable.

Moreover, if Epic Games and Google want to set the date themselves, Donato has told them to "get moving."

It is worth noting that while Google wanted the case to begin in 2022, Epic had suggested that proceedings start in February 2021.

See you in court

Much like its case with Apple, the games behemoth chose to sue Google after Fortnite was removed from its Android storefront.

However, the tech giant made that decision after Epic introduced a new payment option that circumvented Google, stopping it from collecting its 30 per cent commission.

Apple and Epic have been at loggerheads since August, with their case set to go to court in May 2021. In September, not only did Google ask for its case with the Fortnite creator to be kept separate, but it also wanted it dismissed.

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