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Epic Games and Apple are heading to court in May 2021

The companies will have a bench trial
Epic Games and Apple are heading to court in May 2021
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The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple will go to court in May 2021.

As detailed in the case scheduling and pretrial order, there are several reasons that the selected date was chosen.

Namely, the backlog that has been created by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, the fact that both Epic and Apple chose to have a bench trial, rather than a trial by jury also impacted the date that the companies would appear in court.

However, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers had advised that the giant firms consider a jury, though this advice was waived by both parties, although Apple did initially want a trial by jury.

Due to the unpredictability surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it will not be determined as to whether or not the court case will be held physically until next year.

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The battle between the Fortnite creator and Apple has been going on since August when the tech giant removed the battle royale from the App Store. A move that Judge Gonzalez Rogers has claimed was within the firm's right.

The decision was made in retaliation to Epic, introducing a new payment method to Fortnite.

However, Epic Games has continued to fight its case, insisting that Apple is operating a monopoly, and demonstrating anti-competitive behaviour by preventing developers from doing direct business with its consumers.

Last month, Apple filed a counterclaim against Epic for monetary damages due to not being able to claim its 30 per cent commission.