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Epic takes case against Apple to EU antitrust regulators

The company wants to "restore competition on iOS"
Epic takes case against Apple to EU antitrust regulators
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Epic Games has upped the ante in its fight against Apple as it has turned to European Union antitrust regulators.

As reported by Reuters, the Fortnite creator has chosen to take its legal dispute with Apple to more regulators, just one month after it brought its case to the UK. In January, Epic filed a claim to the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Epic Games and Apple have been embroiled in a bitter legal battle since August 2020, when the iOS creator chose to remove Fortnite from the App Store. However, it did so in retaliation to Epic circumventing its 30 per cent commission through a new in-game payment option.

Unsurprisingly, the games behemoth took issue with Apple's decision, leading to the submission of various court documents.

Play fair

However, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has made it clear that this is not a dispute over the commission percentage, rather it is about fair competition.

"The 30 per cent they charge as their app tax, they can make it 50 per cent or 90 per cent or 100 per cent. Under their theory of how these markets are structured, they have every right to do that," said Sweeney.

"Epic is not asking any court or regulator to change this 30% to some other number, only to restore competition on iOS."

Meanwhile, Apple has insisted that its rules must be adhered to by all companies, be you an indie developer, or a games powerhouse like Epic.

"In ways a judge has described as deceptive and clandestine, Epic enabled a feature in its app, which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines that apply equally to every developer and protect customers," Apple said.

"Their reckless behaviour made pawns of customers, and we look forward to making this clear to the European Commission."

See you in court

Epic and Apple are scheduled to appear in US courts in May 2021. However, despite Judge Yvonne Rogers Gonzalez's recommendation, the pair will not have a trial by jury.

Not only are the pair at loggerheads in the US and the UK, but Epic also chose to take their fight to Australia, claiming that Apple has breached consumer laws in the country.

However, it is not just the iOS creator that Epic is battling, as it has also opted to take Google to court due to the removal of Fortnite from Google Play. The Alphabet-owned company has tried to both have its case dismissed and pushed back to 2022, though neither request was granted.