PGC Digital: The importance of automated app ads with Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming's Finbarr O'Mahony spoke about the benefits

PGC Digital: The importance of automated app ads with Facebook Gaming

Introducing automated app advertisements into mobile games can improve performance, help scale and overall be more efficient than manual ads.

This was the message delivered by Facebook Gaming vertical strategy lead EMEA Finbarr O'Mahony during his talk at PGC Digital #4 on 'How Automated App Ads can Help You Achieve More for Less'.

O'Mahony joined Facebook in 2009, before going on to become one of the first members of the social giant's dedicated global gaming team, where he now identifies and scales the best practices for the company's gaming partners.

Automation was described as being able to get users more of the actions they value most, while machine learning looks to optimise campaigns to help sustain performance and scale budget over time. Finally, the efficiency aspect will look to run fewer campaigns to achieve goals without the need to adjust or refresh.


"No matter the size of your business or your marketing team, the effort to sustain performance can make it more difficult to scale," said O'Mahony.

"Since Facebook's introduction of app install ads in 2012, we've continued to build ad solutions and tools to further empower app business growth. It's our goal to empower advertisements of all sizes to effortlessly achieve the highest performance of your apps."

The service also offers simplified ads reporting, which is said to help understand triple-A campaign performance with breakdowns available by time, country, app store and ad creative. You can find out more about the advertisement process here.

Some of the differences between manual and automated app ads.

Facebook was recently confirmed as the number one company for mobile advertising, dominating the non-organic install market.

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