MunkyFun and Zeeppo accepted into N3twork’s $50 million Scale Platform

League of War: Mercenaries and Chaos Road get boosted

MunkyFun and Zeeppo accepted into N3twork’s $50 million Scale Platform

US outfit N3twork continues to add promising mobile games to Scale Platform and its associated $50 million UA growth fund.

The latest two games to successfully complete their path through N3twork’s $1 million pilot fund and gain access to additional funding are Zeeppo’s Chaos Road and MunkyFun’s League of War: Mercenaries.

Zeeppo is a Brazilian indie developer and its mobile racing shooter has already racked up 5 million downloads. During testing, Chaos Road’s UA campaign hit breakeven within 90 days.

Based in San Francisco, MunkyFun’s League of War game was launched back in 2016 with Japanese publisher GREE and has since demonstrated its ability to retain and monetise a hardcore community through its live events and gacha system.

These games now join the likes of 99Games’ Star Chef 2, Grand Cru’s Battlejack and Roofdog’s Pocket Mine 3, gaining access to N3twork’s UA investment, tools and experience.

In addition, N3twork recently launched its game Funko Pop Blitz!

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