Gismart prepares to enter the casual games market

"We have put together a great team. Some of the team has been working at Gismart for a while"

Gismart prepares to enter the casual games market

Mobile games firm Gismart has decided to move beyond hypercasual titles as it looks to enter the casual market.

By the end of 2020, it is believed that the games industry will generate $174.9 billion, of which $86.3 billion will be made through mobile. Naturally, Gismart wants to increase its share size in an ever-growing market.

To expand into the casual mobile games market, the London-based developer will establish several teams that are dedicated to the genre. Furthermore, Gismart has two casual titles in the works; both are expected to launch next year.

Casual approach

"Whilst we are not in a position to reveal too many details about our upcoming releases, the games will fill a niche that we believe is not as crowded as the others but is actively growing," said Gismart head of game development Andrey Mikhlin.

"We have put together a great team. Some of the team has been working at Gismart for a while. Others joined us after working at different game companies on well-known products. They understand the genre well and are able to deliver a fun experience to players."

Gismart vice president of business development and marketing Lana Meisak added: "The development and publishing of casual games is our strategic step towards expanding the company's product portfolio.

"Gismart specialises in entertainment products, including music, hyper-casual games, instant games for social media, and soon casual games. Over the years, we have accumulated unique product and marketing expertise which we will apply to our upcoming releases."

Get hyper

Over the years, Gismart has established itself as a key player within the hypercasual mobile games market.

For example, one of the titles in the developer's portfolio is Cool Goal!, which generated 35 million downloads within two months of release in 2019. However, that number has since grown to 60 million installs.

Earlier this year, Gismart was looking to partner with a variety of hypercasual developers.

Furthermore, across its catalogue, the London-based dev has surpassed 600 million downloads. Notable apps include Cool Goal!, Domino Smash and Happy Hockey!.

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