Mobile firms band together to form the Post-IDFA Alliance

To offer support following Apple's IDFA changes

Mobile firms band together to form the Post-IDFA Alliance

A group of mobile marketing tech companies have banded together to form the Post-IDFA Alliance.

Members of the alliance include Liftoff, Fyber, Chartboost, inMobi, Vungle and Singular.

"Co-leading this alliance with our partners is crucial as close collaboration between supply, demand, and measurement is important to help mobile marketers and publishers navigate the uncertainty and challenges of the post-IDFA era," said Fyber VP of product Alon Golan.

"Solutions for privacy-aware advertising, like contextual targeting, make us optimistic that mobile advertising will continue to thrive in a privacy-friendly environment."

The organisation has been formed due to the impending IDFA changes that Apple will enforce on mobile app companies in "early spring."

Due to the App Store's privacy alterations, the app tracking transparency framework has to be adopted to fit in with the new guidelines.

Helping hand

As a result, the Post-IDFA Alliance has launched a new resource known as "No IDFA? No Problem," which features videos, articles, best practices, webinars and tools to aid app publishers in their transition to the post IDFA market.

"Apple's coming policy change is one of the biggest shifts in mobile marketing in recent years, and our community-minded effort gives marketers the tools they need to navigate that shift seamlessly," explained Liftoff VP of marketing Dennis Mink.

"With expertise from supply-side, demand-side, and measurement, we aim to ensure a smooth and successful transition into this new era, with the assurance that marketing can and will continue to be just as effective on iOS in this more privacy-centric manner."

Delayed change

The incoming IDFA changes were first announced last year. However, Apple pushed back the date that they would be brought in to give developers and publishers more time to prepare.

"Properly preparing for post-IDFA user acquisition, and doing so quickly, will lead to a significant competitive advantage for marketers.

But it's clear from the current state of industry preparations that many are still scrambling to get their teams and tech-ready for the massive shift," said Singular CEO and co-founder Gadi Eliashiv.

"That's why we're excited to join the Post-IDFA Alliance and work alongside industry-leading partners to provide educational resources that'll help marketers adapt and ultimately continue to drive growth for their business."

For more information, or to join the Post-IDFA Alliance, you can visit the website.

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