TiMi Studios joins the Playing for the Planet Alliance

"Great games can make positive contributions to society"

TiMi Studios joins the Playing for the Planet Alliance

TiMi Studios has joined the Playing for the Planet Alliance initiative.

As the first games development studio from China to join the campaign, TiMi will create educational experiences for its players, both in and out of games.

The experiences are designed to prepare over 110 million players to tackle climate change.

Furthermore, the Tencent subsidiary will also join the Green Game Jam initiative, where companies band together to discover new ways to educate players on how to protect the environment.

"Great games can make positive contributions to society," said Tencent and TiMi Studios vice president Colin Yao.

"We are honoured to play our part in supporting the global response to climate change and hope our commitment and action will encourage more game developers to explore how games can make an impact and deliver positive changes.

"Today's commitment is just the beginning. We will continue to pursue ways to apply the essence of game design to promote sustainability awareness among our community of global players."

Protect the planet

The Playing for the Planet Alliance was launched in September 2019 in an attempt to aid the games industry in raising awareness over environmental issues.

Several big-name companies are already part of the initiative, including Sony, Microsoft, Supercell, Ubisoft, and iDreamSky.

"With a potential reach of 1 in 3 people across the world, the games industry has unbeatable reach and has captured the attention of billions of people across the world," said UNEP chief of education and youth Sam Barratt.

"The climate emergency needs all hands on deck, and we are encouraged by the positive commitments of TiMi Studios, who will leverage their creativity and scale to inspire audiences around the world to take climate action."

Earlier this year, the United Nations launched Reset Earth for World Education Day. The project was designed to educate the youth on protecting the ozone layer.

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