Supersonic Studios names two winners of its hypercasual contest

Get Rich! 3D and by Murat Kul and Black Candy

Supersonic Studios names two winners of its hypercasual contest

Supersonic Studios has named two winners of its hypercasual Supersonic Superstars Competition.

The first winner was Turkish dev Murat Kul with its title Get Rich! 3D, while the other was Mongolian studio Black Candy with

"Working with Supersonic was a totally different experience from working with other publishers," said Murat Kul.

"With Supersonic, I talked with everyone directly, which made me feel like I had a huge team on my side, even though I'm a solo developer.

"Beyond the fact that the team was incredibly responsive and dedicated, the power of the technology and their level of expertise in using it combined to create amazing results for my game.

"I now plan to focus on developing full time and building up my own studio, which has always been a goal of mine."

Get hyper

Both developers were awarded a publishing contract and $75,000. However, other entries did receive a bonus prize for hitting the CPI target.

IronSource's subsidiary first announced the contest back in October 2020, and due to the success of the event, Supersonic will hold another competition.

The next contest will be announced in the coming weeks and will take place between May and June 2021.

"Our mission at Supersonic is to empower and grow developers, not just single games," said Supersonic Studios GM Nadav Askhenazy.

"That's why it was so exciting to see this competition create an opportunity for more developers to get their games discovered - no matter whether they are a one-man-band or a small studio.

"We've put our focus on giving our developers the highest level of support across every stage of the game lifecycle, from game design, level creation and of course creatives, through to user acquisition and monetization, in order to help them grow - hopefully multiple games - over time.

"Our hope is that current and future contest winners will become long term partners who are able to learn, grow and succeed through working with Supersonic."

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