Fundamentally Games teams up with Buzz Capital for new User Acquisition Testing Program

The company will offer support to devs at an earlier stage

Fundamentally Games teams up with Buzz Capital for new User Acquisition Testing Program

Fundamentally Games has teamed with Buzz Capital for a new User Acquisition Testing Program.

The new initiative is designed to help game developers test their title early, which will help ensure a game is ready to scale before its release.

Typically, a dev can struggle with getting the funding, and aid, in proving that its game is ready to be scaled. The majority of publishers require data, demonstrating potential and success before they get involved. As a result, a number of titles have been missed, ones that could have gone on to be great.

However, the User Acquisition Testing Program will help tackle this problem, with Fundamentally Games getting involved at an earlier stage than other publishers. Furthermore, should a game prove to be ready to scale, Fundamentally Games will provide full UA funding.

Discovering potential

"Finding a finance partner who has the flexibility and an understanding of the needs of games companies, like Buzz Capital, is really important. We can't wait to see how we can help more developers with their support," said Fundamentally Games COO Ella Romanos (pictured).

Buzz Capital COO Adam Betteridge added: "There is so much amazing content that is currently getting lost in the crowd. We believe bringing together the financial resources of Buzz Capital with the games industry knowledge of FundamentallyGameswill be a game-changer for many developers.

"Simple transparent funding for early-stage games and teams is essential to help unlock their true potential."

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