Swaarm launches its Privacy Enabled Attribution Chain for fixing UA

Attribution throughout the chain with privacy

Swaarm launches its Privacy Enabled Attribution Chain for fixing UA

German performance-based marketing platform Swaarm has announced the launch of its Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain); something it calls a ‘first-of-its-kind attribution chain methodology for the mobile advertising industry’.

Of course, Swaarm is positioning PEA Chain as an alternative for companies impacted by Apple’s removal of its user device identifier for advertisers (IDFA) in iOS 14.

“We at Swaarm believe that the power and beauty of the internet consists in its distributed and varied nature, where small publishers and large media conglomerates can thrive and provide valuable content to internet users,” commented Swaarm CEO David Frei.

“This is why we created the Privacy Enabled Attribution chain method to enable attribution throughout the whole chain without collecting any personal information.”

Token's the way 

The new platform generates a special token called “PEA Chain” that is passed in the click and can be retrieved in the postback.

Using this attribution method, Swaarm ensures that correct can be made throughout the whole network chain.

The token contains all the information needed for the network to determine the campaign and traffic source. It also contains the data for the rest of the networks in the chain to identify their traffic sources.

This means networks using Swaarm get the non-probabilistic attribution data they need to successfully optimise their traffic.

In addition to the PEA Chain method, Swaarm also supports a basic attribution method that can be used when the advertising partner has a very strict model.

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