Supersonic hosting its second hypercasual contest with a $200,000 prize from 1 May

Runners up will be awarded $150,000

Supersonic hosting its second hypercasual contest with a $200,000 prize from 1 May

IronSource publishing arm Supersonic Studios will host a second Supersonic Superstars Contest later this year.

The top prize for the competition will be a publishing deal and $200,000. 

Other games to get published through the contest will be awarded $150,000.

The second Supersonic Superstars Contest will run from May 1st-to-June 15th with additional bonuses for certain KPIs.

Should any game achieve a CPI of less than $0.25, it will be awarded $8,000.

However, should a title have a CTR of more than five per cent and a CPC of less than $0.10, it will get $5,000.

There is also $25,000 up for grabs, but this is reserved for those who recommend a developer that gets its game published.

To take part, the game needs to be on Android, not have been previously tested by Supersonic, and have less than 10,000 downloads.

Just super

Supersonic's inaugural Superstars Contest was announced in October 2020, with two winners – Murat Kul and Black Candy – being revealed earlier this year.

"We were delighted by the response to our previous contest, and we're excited to see what amazing games are submitted this time around," said Supersonic GM Nadav Ashkenazy.

"Beyond the games submitted in the contest, however, what we're really interested in is creating a truly transparent and long-term relationship with developers who work with us.

"Developers who publish with us enjoy our white-box approach to publishing, which is based on the premise of sharing as much knowledge and data as possible to empower developers to hone their craft and get better at creating successful chart-topping games over the long-term."

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