Apple rolling out iOS 14.5 on 30 April

Bringing IDFA changes with it

Apple rolling out iOS 14.5 on 30 April

It looks like Apple will roll out iOS 14.5 on April 30th.

Yesterday, during the tech company's latest event, a new product dubbed AirTag was announced.

As detailed in a site update, the new accessory will be available from April 30th, with pre-orders going live on April 23rd.

However, the product will only be compatible with iPhones and iPads that are operating with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 software.

Given the update is yet to be released and AirTags are being launched on April 30th, it would be fair to assume that iOS 14.5 will launch on the same day.

Apple has confirmed that "these software updates will be available starting next week."

Change is coming

It is not just the use of AirTags that is coming with the latest software changes, as Apple's impending IDFA alterations will also be implemented.

As a result, the mobile marketing landscape will change as companies will need user permission to collect valuable data.

The tech giant first announced its new policies last year, though, at the time, it said the changes would not be rolled out until 2021 to give developers and publishers time to prepare.

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