Hear from the likes of Facebook, WarnerMedia and Supercell at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7

The final set of speakers for our seventh digital conference revealed

Hear from the likes of Facebook, WarnerMedia and Supercell at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7

You could explore what the future of app monetisation looks like, how to maximise revenue and how to drive engagement for your games at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7.

Our flagship series of B2B events for the games industry returns on July 12th to 16th for a week of amazing content including seminars, panels, keynotes, roundtables and more. With just over a week to go, we’ve lined up a fantastic roster of 250 speakers from the biggest companies in the games industry, including the likes of WarnerMedia, Facebook, Supercell, CrazyLabs and many more.

Catch these fantastic companies sharing their expert insights - live and interactive - across 24 themed tracks throughout the week.

We’ve already revealed some speakers that you can catch up on here and here - but for now, here are your next set of speakers you’ll learn from at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7.

L-R: Kelly Vero, Eric Goldberg, Tara Reddy, Alexander Shea

“Ever since mobile games disrupted a 20-year run during which the games ecosystem remained consistently the same, there've been a continual series of disruptive changes to how we make games and how the games business works” says Crossover Technologies managing director Eric Goldberg, as he looks at the gamechangers between 2021 and the upcoming 2022.

As technology converges, and shared online spaces become the norm, what are the implications for game designers and IP owners? David Edwards and Kelly Vero share their insights about what the future holds for developers

As technology converges, and shared online spaces become the norm, what are the implications for game designers and IP owners? Brave Entertainment Asia executive creative director David Edwards and Core Game founder consultant Kelly Vero share their insights about what the future holds for developers on the frontline of transmedia and metaverse thinking on this expert roundtable.

Intellivision Entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico discusses how we can go about bringing back social gaming to the living room, while Kukouri CEO Kim Soares presents an in-depth case study of their cross-platform social sandbox game Pixel Worlds.

Metacore Games game lead Teppo Soininen walks through the development process in discovery puzzle game Merge Mansion, plus you can explore the path to game development in the company of Loveshark CEO Tara Reddy. We're also excited to hear from Voodoo head of publishing Alexander Shea about how the developer and publisher hit the five billion download landmark.

Snowflakes, stories and strategies

Every game is a unique snowflake with its own potential, which is why high-end publishers run such huge publishing and growth operations for their partners. CrazyLabs head of publishing Shai Sasson reviews their top titles and dives deep to the different publishing strategies that led them to hypercasual game success. Meanwhile senior game product owner Olaf Morelewski focuses on what your game needs in order to meet the standard of live ops and game product with a high-end publisher, what type of content you should develop, which features can enrich your game once it scales, and how to gain profitability over time.

Olaf Morelewski focuses on what your game needs in order to meet the standard of live ops and game product with a high-end publisher

“Publishing games is a continuous lesson in perfecting a craft - one of translating complicated product language into easily understandable stories that keep your fans on the edge of their seats and wanting more,” says Outfit7 senior VP of distribution and business intelligence Jernej Česen as he explains how Outfit7 combined more than a decade of striving for publishing perfection with their ability to completely rethink that knowledge for the launch of the new IP - Mythic Legends.

Night Zookeeper managing director Joshua Davidson and product manager Lucy Gill unite for a joint session sharing the best practices for keeping children engaged. Leanplum co-founder Mimchil Kyurkchiev and The Sandbox CEO Sebastien Borget share how you can maximise engagement through live ops strategies.

Also looking at this all-important topic, Photon Engine head of growth Mark Val explores the pros and cons of various multiplayer approaches as they aim to boost their games’ engagement. Umami Games CEO Riley Andersen explores how we can keep players happy when focusing on data.

L-R: Shai Sasson, Lucy Gill, Olaf Morelewski, Riley Andersen

Business in games

What does the future of app monetisation look like? And what should mobile gaming businesses focus on now to get there? Facebook director, audience network EMEA Michael Bertaut shares the findings of their report on the current state of app monetisation, plus some of the exciting possibilities through 2025, while offering practical recommendations for businesses looking to create sustainable monetisation as they build towards the future.

The death of the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) has been a highly debated topic within the games industry. WarnerMedia commercial technology lead Alexander-Carl Mueller explores the opportunities that come with IDFA.

Alexander-Carl Mueller explores the opportunities that come with IDFA

Fyber director publisher accounts managers EMEA Eado Hofstetter, Fingersoft ad monetisation manager Otto Simola, GameBiz Consulting business development manager Božo Janković and Moloco VP of sales Will Melzer discuss what the changes in ad monetisation are in a post-IDFA world. Melzer also appears on another panel looking at the effect of mergers and acquisitions on the global games industry with 1C Publishing commercial director Anton Ravin, Stillfront Group head of M&A Marina Andersson and Hyper Hippo Entertainment CEO Sam Fisher.

We’re thrilled to be joined by Tenjin Berlin general manager and head of data science Carole Wai Hai for a superstar session on the key to success in post-iOS 14 advertisements.

Imperia Online marketing and business development manager Vasil Gospodinov dedicates his seminar to providing general knowledge of how monetisation works and how to best practice it, using Imperia Online as an example.

Wapper VP global business development Ted Verani explores maximising in-app purchase revenue (IAP revenue) with global pricing. Dive founder Elad Levy and AdInMo CTO Chris Wright discuss how to optimise revenue and retention for your games on a panel. Pixel Federation senior game designer Martin Gajarsky shares how they doubled the retention of their flagship project Train Station 2 by radically changing onboarding to match their player’s fantasy and expectations set up by marketing.

AdInMo CEO Kristan Rivers, Rovio VP advertisement Jarkko Rajamaki and Publicis Groupe Poland head of game lab Olga Stalewska discuss how we can rethink in-game advertising on a specialist panel.

Learn the value of your existing users and how to extract maximum value from them with Pollen VC CEO Martin Macmillan. AppFollow senior customer success manager Daniel Nicolescu explores how customer support teams drive app metrics and profit with a specialist panel.

L-R: Michael Bertaut, Marina Andersson, Alexander-Carl Mueller, Carole Wai Hai

Games in business

How can you determine and prepare your studio for different investment cycles? My.Games Venture Capital executive producer Nikita Matsokin, Lego Ventures investor Parin Shah, Transcend Fund managing director Andrew Sheppard and Execution Labs co-founder Jason Della Rocca discuss on this specialised investor panel.

Maria Andriyenko explores the daily patterns and annual variations happening in the Japanese and SEA markets

When raising investment funding, what should you be asking venture capitals (VCs)? What should they be asking you? XR Games CEO Bobby Thandi aims to answer these questions and show you how to tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly.

Xsolla VP strategic planning Justin Berenbaum, Starloop Studios CEO Jesus Bosch and Enad Global 7 COO Christopher Begstresser discuss on a panel how to best prepare your studio for mergers and acquisitions

Code Coven CEO Tara Mustapha joins us for a fireside chat on accelerators, entrepreneurship and business on our brand new conference track Start-Up Summit, while Orthors CTO Taylor Campbell, CCO Max St. Hill and CMO Yasin Ali walk through the process from building games to building a business.

And looking further afield, launching games and monetising efficiently can prove challenging in markets such as Japan and Southeast Asia (SEA), even to the most veteran publishers. In this session, Pangle business development director Maria Andriyenko explores the daily patterns and annual variations happening in the Japanese and SEA markets. Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon puts the focus on NFT gaming in the Philippines in his specialised blockchain session.

Privacy and a better future

Facebook Gaming marketing science partner Sharad Jaiswal talks about measurement in a privacy first world. Wiggin senior associate Peter Lewin provides an overview of some of the children’s code’s key features and first steps businesses can begin taking towards compliance.

Simay Dinc debates how we can create a better future via games

Recontact Games game producer and co-founder Simay Dinc debates how we can create a better future via games, while Touchten Games CEO Rokimas Soeharyo some of the best practices in talent acquisition.

Over the past three years, there has been an influx of gaming brands aligning with football teams and players. Supercell’s Manuel Langegger looks into the growing trend and why these partnerships are proving so valuable to gaming brands and football properties alike on a curated panel.

Learn how to ignite your brand with high-impact collaborations with Jam City SVP publishing Vanessa Rouhani, plus hear from Iconmobile Group CEO Thomas Fellger as he shares information on Das Race, a brand-new entertainment format and Veritas, a global network of esports and gaming entertainment venues and why creating a tangible experience should be at the core of entertainment.

Ryu Games business development lead Nick Contino discusses the types of players embracing mobile esports, the game mechanics and business models that work best and shares insights on player behaviors and engagement in mobile esports games and tournaments, as more mobile game developers enter the esports market which is silently reshaping the esports demographic.

L-R: Maria Andriyenko, Sharad Jaiswal, Simay Dinc,Manuel Langegger

There’s a lot more where that came from

At Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7, we’ve invited a wide variety of speakers to share their insights and expertise on a multitude of panels, roundtables and group sessions. We're thrilled to also reveal these speakers joining the schedule:

  • 1up Coach and Consult founder Kirstin Bosc
  • Abylight Studios communications manager Orchidee Stachelig
  • Amplifier Game Invest head of new frontiers Henrik Jonsson
  • Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung
  • Aream founding partner Kartik Prabhakara
  • Block Bastards founding partner Jona Derks
  • Block Crafters principal/acceleration Joony Koo
  • Brotherhood of Brand CEO and founder Lucy Rissik
  • Caracal Games creative director Diego Ricchiuti
  • Consulate General of Finland LA trade commissioner (video games and esports) Zsuzsa James
  • Critical Force CEO, founder and chairman of the board Veli-Pekka Piirainen
  • Curve Digital chairman Stuart Dinsey
  • CV Capital managing director Jim Ying
  • Digitak senior sales and business development manager EMEA Christian Atack
  • Dimoso CEO Jacki Vause
  • Doppio Games CEO and co-founder Jeferson Valadares
  • Fellow Traveller production manager Des Gayle
  • FGL/Tamalaki BD/CEO Martine Spaans
  • Freelance game and XR consultant Tadhg Kelly
  • Fundamentally Games COO Ella Romanos
  • Happy Warrior founder and president Rebecca Longawa
  • Hutch Games CEO and co-founder Shaun Rutland
  • InfoVision senior AR developer Juan Gril
  • Kiln founder and managing Director Ben Williams
  • King product manager Luke Jackson
  • LBC Studios CEO and co-founder Solon Bucholtz
  • LILA Games CEO Joseph Kim
  • London and Partners principal advisor Europe Nicola Pinder
  • Lucid Sight co-founder and CEO Randy Saaf
  • Mainframe Industries senior UX designer Jasmin Dahncke
  • Matcherino CMO Michael Pinkham
  • Maximum Games and Modus Games executive vice president of global marketing Shane Bierwith
  • MeKiwi VR games publishing/marketing director Begüm Doğan
  • MeKiwi AR/VR account manager Merih Arikkok
  • META Games co-founder and COO Philipp J. Karstaedt
  • MobileGroove lead analyst and founder Peggy Anne Salz
  • Naavik mobile games consultant Thomas Baker
  • Naavik design consultant Philipp Zupke
  • Nordic XR Startups managing director Petri Rajahalme
  • Paladin Studios CEO Kay Gruenwoldt
  • Pangle business development director, West and North Europe Alvaro Gil Abad
  • Playco VP of creative Jeff Himmelman
  • Playtra BD marketing and community manager Nicola Strina
  • creative director Emily Rose
  • Rebellion brand communications manager Abbie Dickinson
  • Rockfine Group game specialist Dan Licari
  • Rogue Games director, business development Scott Prather
  • Seattle Indies president Tim Cullings
  • Sensor Tower mobile insights strategist, EMEA Craig Chapple
  • Silent Games CEO Sally Blake
  • Silver Rain Games art lead Micaela Dawn
  • Square Enix brand manager Shanzay Usama
  • Stillfront Group COO Alexis Bonte
  • TalkOut Group innovation director Tim Luft
  • Tenjin operations research analyst Pooja Viswanathan
  • Tequila Works narrative director Angel Luis Sucasas Fernandez
  • Transcend Fund managing director Shanti Bergel
  • Uplandme co-founder Dirk Lueth
  • Vectr Ventures managing director Tony Zander
  • Venly CMO Yan Ketelers
  • Visible Entertainment founder Dave Rohrl
  • Voodoo publishing manager Theophile Tabary
  • WhatWapp Entertainment co-CEO Alessandro Lacroce
  • Whatwapp Entertainment co-CEO Martina Gianfreda
  • Women in Games founder and COO David Smith

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