Big Idea Games, Golden Parachute and Mustard Games join N3twork's platform

More games, more scale

Big Idea Games, Golden Parachute and Mustard Games join N3twork's platform

US developer and publisher N3twork continues to build out its mobile game platform with the signing of three new game deals.

  • Superstar Hockey, which is developed by Big Idea Games
  • Idle Music Festival Tycoon, developed by Golden Parachute, and
  • Idle Foodie Empire from Mustard Games

The platform is an end-to-end publishing solution for mobile games, handling everything that's required for developers to successfully scale their business, including deep game expertise and UA investment program.

Previous companies signed up for the platform include Emerald City Games (Lionheart: Dark Moon), Imba Games (I Am Hero) and MunkyFun (League of War: Mercenaries).

“N3TWORK’s platform was created by game developers, for game developers, which separates us from other publishers and growth platforms,” said COO Dan Barnes.

“User acquisition, and game monetization are getting more sophisticated; we understand the needs of developers of all genres and our suite of platform tools and game experts help do the heavy lifting so our partners can focus on making awesome games.

"We are excited about working with our new partners and growing Superstar Hockey, Idle Music Festival Tycoon, and Idle Foodie Empire.”

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