My.Games Venture Capital invests into Tworogue Games and Wideview Games

Acquires minority stake with option to purchase full control in future

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 8th, 2021 investment My.Games Venture Capital $3m
My.Games Venture Capital invests into Tworogue Games and Wideview Games

My.Games Venture Capital, VC arm of mobile games outfit My.Games, has invested $3 million into three European studios: Vox, Tworogue Games, and Wideview Games.

In all three of these pre-seed deals, MGVC has acquired minority stakes in the studios, with the option to purchase control at a later date.

Over four years since its foundation, MGVC has invested $20 million, consolidating 8 studios. The division's portfolio now includes more than 40 studios.

Building for the future

Founded in 2016, Minsk-based Wideview Games consists of a team of 20 and is currently developing two mobile casual F2P games scheduled for release in 2022.

Moscow-based Vox Studio was founded in 2020 and currently consists of 16 employees who are working on the Vox app for voice dating. Vox maintains a voice library of over 14 million voice recordings which is the equivalent of 8.5 years of audio.

MGCV invested in Vox to expand its investment areas with a potential "future synergy" of the group’s entire product portfolio.

Also based in Moscow, Tworogue Games was founded in 2016 and currently has 17 employees currently working on developing a mid-core mobile free-to-play hero collector RPG.

Tworogue plans to release the game in 2022.

"We look at the market as a whole and invest in studios that work in genres with high reach and revenue potential," said MGVC executive producer Nikita Matsokin.

"At the same time, we specifically focus on genres that we do not yet have in the MY.GAMES portfolio, which could significantly expand our expertise. One of our development goals is to diversify the gaming portfolio to the fullest with the possibility of further integrating the partner studios’ products into the group’s single ecosystem."

Elsewhere, My.Games has acquired Belarus-based hypercasual developer and publisher Mamboo Games for $2 million.

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