Anzu: 66% of UK gamers would welcome more ads in games

70% are positive or neutral towards in-game ads

Anzu: 66% of UK gamers would welcome more ads in games

According to a new report by in-game ads firm Anzu, 70 per cent of consumers are positive or neutral about in-game advertisements.

In the UK, 66 per cent of consumers say that they would welcome ads from "more brands" in their games, with over half valuing brand affinity.

The report found that the most important feature of advertising to is to be relevant to the environment, with the second most important to not interrupt users when playing.

Environment revelant ads

The report identified mobile as the most popular platform for gaming, with 72 per cent of respondents stating that they play games on mobile, and 13 per cent using mobile exclusively for games. In-game ads have been a staple of mobile game monetisation for many years, but with more cross-platform games, such as Roblox and Genshin Impact, it is important for advertisers to adapt to new environments.

"Gaming has become a huge area of focus for many advertisers across the UK," said Anzu global VP of demand Chris Blight.

"With two-thirds of gamers happy to welcome more advertising into their games, and with 70 per cent of players stating they are positive or neutral towards in-game advertising, it’s a no-brainer that brands should be exploring what opportunities this channel holds for them.

"It’s also incredibly important to know where and how your audience is spending their time."

Recently, Anzu announced a partnership with Livewire to enhance the reach of its ads to Roblox users in Asia Pacific regions following a sharp uptick in monthly active users in the region.

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