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Anzu and dentsu partner to advance intrinsic in-game advertising with "contextually relevant campaigns"

Ads will be deliverable to specific audiences based on behaviour and interests
Anzu and dentsu partner to advance intrinsic in-game advertising with
  • Anzu and dentsu have partnered to deliver new strategies and intrinsic in-game advertising
  • The pair aim to create "authentic and respectful" ads

In-game ads platform Anzu has partnered with Japanese marketing solution dentsu to bring new gaming strategies to the latter’s clients and advance intrinsic in-game advertising.

These strategies will aim to empower brands to design and deliver "contextually relevant campaigns" tailor-made to a given audience, but not at the expense of player experience; in actual terms, this means non-disruptive ads delivered to players in an entertaining form.

Bringing intrinsic ad solutions

Founded in 1901, dentsu is a Japan-founded agency now present in over 145 countries around the world. It launched an integrated solution for video games in 2021 and now, three years later, has partnered with Anzu to empower intrinsic in-game ads with advanced data integrations.

One of the selling points of this partnership is the resultant customisability offered to brands, who will be able to target specific types of audience with ads most relevant to them, as determined by their behaviour and interests.

"For years, we have worked on a holistic approach to advertising in gaming, developing a cross-platform offering and securing strategic partnerships, working with AdTech vendors and industry bodies to build out new tools and standards, connecting world-leading brands and game publishers, and laying the foundations to build an ecosystem that will benefit all involved," said Anzu co-founder and CEO Itamar Benedy.

"Together with dentsu as a partner who shares our vision, we’re committed to moving this space forward."

dentsu gaming global executive VP Brent Koning added: "With a focus on enhancing the quality of creative, integrating data and measurement, and scaling commerce in games, we are excited to offer this new strategic approach to our clients. The reality is that in-game solutions need to benefit the advertiser, publisher, and most importantly, the player.

"Together, we will work with Anzu to set standards for advertising in gaming that are authentic and respectful to the players and the gaming community while improving the ease to market and onboarding for our current and future clients."

Anzu and dentsu's aim to show respect to players comes at a time when mobile games are plagued by sexism and copyright infringement, as highlighted by marketing consultant Matej Lančarič.