Anzu partners with Smart to reach new audiences

Successfully utilising banners and videos

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February 2nd, 2022 partnership Anzu
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Anzu partners with Smart to reach new audiences

In-game advertising firm Anzu has partnered with ad tech platform Smart, gaining access to the latter’s complete range of supply-side platform (SSP) capabilities.

Equally, as of the partnership, premium in-game inventories across mobile, PC, and console will be made accessible to Smart partners and advertisers.

Anzu has claimed that the Q4 2021 average viewability rates were at 88 per cent on banners and 96 per cent for videos. Smart has been one of its highest performers in terms of SSPs within the open market activity.

"We are thrilled to work with Smart, as it is a well-established and highly respected ad tech platform that is a partner to many established advertisers and demand-side players," commented Anzu VP Programmatic Yaniv Rozencweig.

Reaching the market

With games being relatively untapped as a platform for advertisers, and with in-game ads being displayable in non-disruptive formats, Anzu has found 66 per cent of gamers in the UK are either positive or neutral when it comes to such adverts.

"Smart recognises the value that we bring, and together we will enable their advertisers to reach the highly coveted gaming audience," Rozencweig added.

Smart EVP North America Lionel Bensoussan said: "As the growth of premium in-game inventory has given rise to more and more opportunities for advertisers to reach engaged and qualified audiences at scale, we’re thrilled to welcome Anzu among our SSP clients for all its formats, including video."

Anzu also recently revealed a partnership with mobile-first data marketplace firm Kochava Collective and will offer "precision targetting" for banner and video ads.

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